Terminal Transactions

Getting terminal transactions list
Request Path{{base_url}}/dealers/terminal-transactions/


         This method is called for getting all transactions done in the distributors based card details and product details.

Request Parameters

ParameterData TypePositionRequiredDescription 
AuthorizationStringHeaderYesUsed retrieving token in a header: Authorization: JWT {token}

Response Parameters

idTransaction idYes
card_detailDetails of cardYes
  serialSerial cardYes
  assign_dealerIf the card is assigned to a distributor , it shows the distributor name.              Yes
  activated_dealerIt shows the distributor name who has activated this card.Yes
  statusShows the status of the card, which is Active, Inactive, Redeemed.Yes
  status_codeStatus codeYes
  created_timeDetermines when the card is created.Yes
  updated_timeDetermines when the card is updated.Yes
  barcode30 digit characters Yes
  is_enableIf the card is enabled or not.Yes
  descriptionDescription of card.Yes
  remainingRemaining amountYes
  activated_timeThe time when the card is activatedYes
  card_type0: disposable1: reusableYes
  expire_dateThe time when the card will expire.Yes
  ownerUser accessNo
  dealer_orderIf the distributor has order or not.No
product_detailInformation about productYes
  idProduct idYes
  product_type_displayCurrency symbolYes
  currency_detail              Information about currencyYes
    id              Currency idYes
    title              Currency titleYes
    abbr              Currency abbrivationYes
    symbole              Currency SymbolYes
  brand_name              Brand nameYes
  created_timeThe time when the currency is created.Yes
  updated_timeThe time when the currency is updated.Yes
  nameProduct nameYes
  logo              Product logo addressYes
  description              Information about productNo
  website              Product support websiteYes
  email              Product support emailYes
  phone_number              support phone numberYes
  card_type0: disposable1: reusableYes
  min_priceMin price of a productYes
  max_priceMax price of a productYes
  is_enableIf a product is enable or notYes
  deactivatableFirst characters of a pin. Yes
  pin_regex              First characters of pin. No
  brand              Brand idYes
  upc              UPCYes
  currency              Currency idYes
card_transactionDetails of card transactionsYes
  idTransaction idYes
  trans_type_displayShows which type of transactions that happened to this card. Yes
  created_timeTime of creating transactionYes
  amountTransaction amountYes
  trans_typeTransaction typeYes
  transcation_idUse a Universal Unique Identifier                      (UUID) algorithm to enforce uniquenessYes
  cardSerial cardYes
  store_terminalTerminal store idYes
  dealer_terminalDistributor terminal idYes
created_timeTime of creating transactionYes
amountAmount of transactionYes
trans_typeTransaction typeYes
payment_sourceShows which terminal did this transactionYes
tracking_idUse a Universal Unique Identifier                      (UUID) algorithm to enforce uniquenessYes
walletWallet idYes
terminalTerminal idYes
terminal_userTerminal user idYes