Status Codes

01SuccessRedeem card successfully
02ActiveThe card is just activated and not redeemed yet
03InactiveThe card should activate by distributor
04InvalidThe PIN code is invalid
05RedeemedThe redeemed and could not redeem again
06InsufficientRequested amount is more than remaining
07Incorrect amountWhen a card is disposeable, there should be a correct amount in the request body
08ExpiredThe card is expired
09Repeated transaction IDThe transaction ID should be unique and its recommended to use UUID algorithms
10Access deniedThe terminal is not allowed to use this type of products
11DisableThe card is disable and could not use
12activatedThe card is activated and could not activate again.
13NonchargeableThe card is Disposeable
51ChargeThe card charged
52PurchaseThe card redeemed
53RefundPayback transaction
54DeductTake away amount from the remaining