Redeem Card

DescriptionUsing card 
Request Path{{base_url}}/stores/card-redeem/


         Client can redeem card using PIN on the back of the physical card. Product ID must retrieve from check API first.

Request Parameters

ParameterData TypePositionRequiredDescription 
terminal_idIntegerBodyYesStore Terminal id
terminal_pinStringBodyNoTerminal user password
card_pinStringBodyYes16 digit numbers and characters 
transaction_idStringBodyYesUse a Universally Unique Identifier (UUID) algorithm to enforce uniqueness
product_idIntegerBodyYesRetrieved from check API
amountStringBodyYesIf it is reusable, then send the amount of redeem, else send the product amount.

Response Parameters

ParameterDescription        Required
status_codeStatus codeYes
statusCard statusYes
expire_dateExpiration dateYes
remainingRemaining amountYes
product_detailProduct detailYes
  idProduct idYes
  nameProduct nameYes
  logoProduct logoYes
  descriptionInformation about productYes
  websiteProduct websiteYes
  emailProduct emailYes
  phone_numberUser phone numberYes
  card_type0: Disposable1: reusableYes
  is_enableIf card is enabled return true, otherwise false.Yes
  currencyCurrency idYes
transaction_idTransaction idYes
tracking_idTracking idYes