Check Card

DescriptionChecking the card based on pin or pan 
Request Path{{base_url}}/stores/card-check/


         Clients can check card status by using the card’s PAN (barcode) on the back of the physical card. Or they can do it  by using the card’s PIN and PAN or PIN and brand ID.

Request Parameters

ParameterData TypePositionRequiredDescription 
barcodeStringBodyNo30 digit number
pinStringBodyNo16 digit numbers and characters 
brandIntegerBodyNoBrand ID; Retrieved from product list API

Response Parameters

ParameterDescription        Required
status_codeStatus codeYes
statusCard statusYes
expire_dateExpiration dateYes
remainingRemaining amountYes
product_detailProduct detailYes
  idProduct idYes
  nameProduct nameYes
  logoProduct logoYes
  descriptionInformation about productYes
  websiteProduct websiteYes
  emailProduct emailYes
  phone_numberUser phone numberYes
  card_type0: Disposable1: reusableYes
  is_enableThe product is enabled return true, otherwise false.Yes
deactivatableIf the card is deactivatable return true otherwise false.Yes
  currencyCurrency idYes
brand_detailInformation about brandYes
   idBrand idYes
   created_timeTime of creating brandYes
   updated_timeTime of updating brandYes
   emailBrand support emailYes
   phone_numberBrand support phoneYes
   nameBrand nameYes
  addressBrand addressYes
  avatarBrand logo pictureYes
   activatedIf the brand is activated return ture, otherwise falseYes