Charge Card

DescriptionCharging card by POS dealer
Request Path{{base_url}}/dealers/card-charge/


         This method is called for charging a card by POS dealer.

Request Parameters

ParameterData TypePositionRequiredDescription 
terminal_idIntegerBodyYesStore Terminal id
terminal_pinStringBodyNoTerminal user password
barcodeStringBodyYes30 digit characters 
transaction_idStringBodyYesUse a Universally Unique Identifier (UUID) algorithm to enforce uniqueness
product_idIntegerBodyYesRetrieved from check API
amountStringBodyYesIf the product has a range of price (min_price not equal to max_price) then send the needed amount, else send the min_price.

Response Parameters

status_code01: success02: card 1 is active03: card 1 is inactive04: invalid: card count not matched!06: insufficient budget07: incorrect amount400: amount is not in valid range!Yes
statusOperation status for example:Success Yes
expire_dateExpiration of cardYes
remainingRemaining amount
product_detailInformation about product
  id Product idYes
  currency_symbolCurrency symbolYes
  nameProduct nameYes
  logoProduct logoYes
  description Description about productYes
  websiteProduct websiteYes
  emailProduct emailYes
  phone_numberUser phone numberYes
  card_type0: disposable1: multi_useYes
  min_priceMin price of productYes
  max_priceMax price of productYes
  is_enableIf product is enable or notYes
  pin_regexFirst characters of pin. No
  currencyCurrency idYes
wallet_detailInformation about walletYes
transaction_idTransaction idYes
tracking_idTracking idYes