Base URL

All URLs referenced in the API documentation have the following base: This REST API is served over HTTPS. To ensure data privacy, unencrypted HTTP is not supported.

Status Codes

Codes Text Description 01 Success Redeem card successfully 02 Active The card is just activated and not redeemed yet 03 Inactive The card should activate by distributor 04 Invalid The PIN code is invalid 05 Redeemed The redeemed and could not redeem again 06 Insufficient Requested amount is more than remaining 07 Incorrect amount When […]

Expected Behavior

The following are common requests to the API, along with expected results (see Status Codes and Error Messages for more information). Status code Type Response format HTTP 200 Success Related JSON Response HTTP 401 Unauthorized Usually, if the token signature expires HTTP 404 Not Found When inputs are wrong


API endpoints are only accessible to customers, who have credentials (a client ID and client secret key) provided by HiGift. Approved customers can access the various endpoint resources using an access token.This access token grants access to the API for a specified amount of time. You pass the access token in the Authorization header of […]